Five Minute Routine to Get Rid of Low Back Pain

Five Minute Routine to Get Rid of Low Back Pain

You know the feeling – you wake up in the morning and your lower back hurts so bad you can hardly get out of bed.

Or you have been working the all-night shift, standing on your feet, and your back won’t stop hurting. You can’t afford chiropractic, massage or physical therapy. If you can’t stand up, you can’t work. Your entire financial well being depends on being able to work no matter how you feel.

Or you worked in the garden over the weekend and can’t quite remember what you did to throw your back out. You were so involved in weeding, raking and mowing you don’t even know when you hurt yourself.

What can you do quickly, easily, anytime, anywhere to get rid of the pain for FREE?

I’ve put together a series of articles and videos to make this easy for you – no drugs, surgery, massage therapist, chiropractor or orthopedist required.

You will be amazed how these simple natural healing remedies from yoga will help you feel so much better!

Follow these three steps in order. 

Be gentle with yourself. Don’t push!

Step One. Don Tigny Mobilization. Unlock your sacroiliac joint for one minute on each side. 

Read the article about how to do the Don Tigny mobilization at this link.

Watch the video about how to do the Don Tigny mobilization on Youtube at this link.

Step Two. Traction Twist. Release the aches in your quadriceps, psoas, sacrum, tailbone, hips and sacroiliac joint for one minute each side.

Read the article about how to do the Traction Twist at this link.

Watch the video about how to do the Traction Twist on Youtube at this link.

Step Three. Wide Leg Forward Fold. Traction your spine to decompress your vertebrae and make space for the nerves and discs to move freely.

Read the article about how to do the Wide Leg Forward Fold variation at this link.

Watch the video about how to do the Wide Leg Forward Fold on Youtube at this link.

How do I know this actually works?

At age 62, I still teach yoga seven times a week.

There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t encounter someone in severe pain.

People in pain are generally afraid to move because they don’t want to make the situation worse.

By following these three simple yoga exercises, you can release the pain in your lower back.

I can’t tell you how many people in serious pain I’ve helped do this simple, easy, gentle routine who were shocked to discover how much better they feel afterwards.

I just helped an 84-year-old family member whose back had hurt for two weeks. It took a lot of trust for her even to try these exercises as she had cancelled her workouts and was resting up after injuring herself.

The next morning after doing this simple routine she awoke with no pain!

Of course, there’s a lot more you can do to heal your back.

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